Grant Guidance

Grant-related services include identifying appropriate funding opportunities for the client, consulting with the client on the appropriateness of the opportunities and what is necessary to produce a finished product before filing deadline, consulting on requirements for filing, corresponding with the funding agency, and, in some cases, filing the grant either in hard copy or electronically. Watanabe Consulting wrote and/or edited grants submitted to various U.S. government funding agencies: the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Energy, Homeland Security and Transportation; the National Institutes of Health; the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation, etc. Watanabe Consulting worked on grants requesting tens of millions of dollars and also on much smaller SBIRs. Watanabe Consulting also worked on grants submitted to state authorities and not-for-profits.

Grant Writing

Watanabe Consulting specializes in grant writing and editing in science, particularly the biosciences, and engineering. Over the past four years, W.Co has worked on grants that have brought in over $150 million to its clients.

We are always looking for more grant writing and editing projects, larger writing or editing projects (such as booklets and reports), or
writing-related project management.

Science Writing

Dr. Myrna E. Watanabe, is an animal behaviorist who has become a science writer. Trained as a herpetologist with expertise in the behavior and ecology of crocodilians, Watanabe studied both the American and Chinese alligators in their natural habitats.

Watanabe specializes in writing on biotechnology and biomedicine in many scientific journals and the national press. She served as a visiting scientist at the University of Connecticut and runs a freelance writing business which covers many topics including engineering, biology and biomedicine. She is co-author of Snakes of the World (Crescent Books, Avenel, New Jersey, 1992), and co-author and co-editor of the book, The Fight for Survival: Animals in Their Natural Habitats (Metro Books, New York, 1995). Watanabe holds a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College, and master’s in neurophysiology and behavior, and PhD in herpetology and animal behavior from New York University.