Dr. Myrna E. Watanabe

Dr. Myrna E. Watanabe, is an animal behaviorist who has become a science writer. Trained as a herpetologist with expertise in the behavior and ecology of crocodilians, Watanabe studied both the American and Chinese alligators in their natural habitats. Her last research project, while a faculty member at Manhattan College, Bronx, New York, was as adviser to an undergraduate student working on the concentration of heavy metals in Brazilian caiman tissue.

Watanabe specializes in writing on biotechnology and biomedicine in many scientific journals and the national press. She served as a visiting scientist at the University of Connecticut and runs a freelance writing business which covers many topics including engineering, biology and biomedicine. She is co-author of Snakes of the World (Crescent Books, Avenel, New Jersey, 1992), and co-author and co-editor of the book, The Fight for Survival: Animals in Their Natural Habitats (Metro Books, New York, 1995). Watanabe holds a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College, and master’s in neurophysiology and behavior, and PhD in herpetology and animal behavior from New York University.

M.E. Watanabe Consulting, Inc.
1989 – Present (20+ years)
Science and biomedical writing and editing, mainly for a scientific audience.

Writer Editor
1982 – Present (30+ years)
Freelance science writing, editing, and project management.

Freelance Writer
2006 – 2010 (4 years)
I managed a project that produced 1,000 short topics in health for a nursing database. I also managed a project that created information for physical therapists on treating various health conditions and another project on post-surgical care advice to be given to patients on release from the hospital.

Research Associate
University of Connecticut
Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
2007 – 2008 (1 year)
Editing and writing for the Center for Regenerative Biology.

Visiting Scientist
University of Connecticut
Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
2005 – 2006 (1 year)
I worked for the late Dr. Xiangzhong Jerry Yang and his center, which is focused on cloning and stem cell biology. My responsibilities included writing and/or editing review articles, research papers, grant proposals, the center’s website, and anything else needed by Dr. Yang or academic department members, graduate students and post-docs. I assisted overseas colleagues in organizing their scientific papers and focusing them for specific publications. I corresponded with coauthors, interfaced with journal or book editors, and obtained permissions for use of illustrations. I aided in responses to peer reviewers and editors. I assisted with papers or short correspondences that appeared in Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Genetics, and other publications.

Freelance Writer
The Scientist
Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Publishing industry
1993 – 2004 (11 years)
I wrote news articles, feature stories and short pieces on numerous topics, particularly HIV/AIDS, cancer, health disparities, women and minorities in science, and numerous other topics.